The principals of PC Urban developed their approach throughout Western Canada and Washington State, through cycles of real estate both rich and lean. Now, brought together under one roof, we are a multidisciplinary group of extremely dedicated individuals focused on maximizing unrealized potential in ourselves, as well as in the properties we Re-Imagine.

This means we don’t depend on dogma, silos or excuses. The development team follows a “scrum” process to address problems and issues – solve it and move on.

Working through all facets of our real estate projects, we keep our eyes out for the unexpected solution, capitalizing on alternate approaches that might elude a more traditional developer. This creative drive delivers superior returns to all stakeholders: PC Urban, our partners, our tenants and the community.

If this fast-moving, dynamic environment excites you, get in touch. We don’t choose many to join our team, but for the nimble, open-minded and accomplished, solving big challenges brings many rewards


Passionate about real estate?

Keen to be part of a competitive industry where creativity, boldness and purpose drive the future?

We are always seeking exceptional people to join our Team. Please forward your resume and cover letter to outlining your career ambitions and why you would be a good fit for our team.

Current Opportunities:

Development Manager

Acquisitions Manager

Brent Sawchyn


Brent never has a bad day – well almost never. Because of this optimism, Brent tends to spend his time at the front-end of a project. Not to say he is uncomfortable when we start building a project, just that he likes the creative selling that comes with conceiving a project.

  • Principal and founding shareholder, PC Urban Properties Corp 2010
  • President and Principal of Level Developments Corp. 2006 – 2009
  • Senior VP, Principal, COO, Anthem Properties Group/Anterra Retail Properties – 2000 – 2006
  • Principal, Westbank Projects Ltd, 1995 – 2000
  • Director Leasing, Development Manager, Schroeder Properties Ltd. 1988 – 1995

Garry Fawley


Garry brings enthusiastic but careful consideration to development, revitalization and redevelopment. He has developed a reputation in the industry for creative solutions, maximizing value and making it happen. Garry’s approach is always strategic and focused on making a project work for the owner and for our customers – the tenants. Whether he is coaching on the soccer pitch or pitching concepts at city hall, focused strategy is the key to capturing the win.

  • Principal and founding shareholder, PC Urban Properties Corp 2010
  • Principal, Pacific Capital Properties Corp. 2006 – 2009
  • Principal and Senior VP of Retail Development, Anthem Properties Group/Anterra Retail Properties 2000 – 2006
  • Founder and President, Brompton Development Corp 1989 – 2000
  • Founding Partner and Principal, Bastion Development Corporation 1977 – 1989
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manitoba and five years of engineering experience in consulting 1972 – 1977

Volodya Gusak CA


Volodya joined PC Urban as Chief Financial Officer in July 2014 and is responsible for all finance and accounting related functions of the company.  He is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University.  He loves to learn and reads both business and personal development books.

Real Estate Development fascinates him for the creativity it requires and for the tangible achievement at the end of every project.  He is the “wouldn’t it be great if …” type of person.

Robert Cadez

Senior Development Manager, Residential

Discovering he had a passion for design at a young age, Robert found himself drawn to architecture and building.  He spent the early part of his career in an architecture firm learning the importance of good design and planning, and then moved on to real estate development where he could be a part of the entire creative process. Robert enjoys all facets of property development from envisioning and approvals to marketing and construction and finally the delivery of a new home to a purchaser.  Robert has always operated under the mantra that regardless of what you are doing it should always be well designed and constructed.

  • Designer & Project Manager, Multifamily Projects – Formwerks Architectural, 1999 – 2005
  • Development Manager – Formwerks Development Corp., 2005 – 2009
  • Director of Development – the Airey Group, 2009 – 2015

David A. Fawley

Development Manager

David enjoys the strategic nature of real estate, from the opportunities presented by a property to the design and approvals, and, ultimately, the successful completion of a project. He is known for balancing attention to detail with creative problem solving. With over 20 years of real estate experience, David has participated in the successful delivery of projects throughout Western Canada, the northwestern United States and Bermuda. When he is away from the office, David can be found supporting his girls’ soccer teams, reading yet another book or playing his guitar.

  • Development Manager, PC Urban Properties Corp., 2013
  • Shareholder & Development Manager, Omicron, 2009 – 2013
  • Senior Project Architect, Cooper Gardner Architects, Bermuda, 2007 – 2009
  • Director, Commercial Development, Anthem Properties Group/Anterra Retail Properties, 2003 – 2007
  • Project Director & Senior Project Architect, Omicron, 2000 – 2003
  • Development Manager, BPC Realty Advisors, 1999 – 2000
  • Associate & Project Architect, Rositch Hemphill Architects, 1994 – 1999

Robert Spencer EIT

Development Manager

Robert is an engineer at heart. When he’s not musing over potential projects, managing current developments or delegating tasks to others, which he does oh so well, Robert can be found watching marathons of Mega Builders, Mighty Ships, Mega World or any other Discovery Channel show that starts with an M and involves building bridges, skyscrapers or ships.

  • Project Manager, PC Urban Properties Corp
  • Development Analyst and Project Manager – PCRE Group 2007 – 2009

Jackie Lee

Senior Project Manager

Jackie always had a passion to creatively solve problems.  After finishing BCIT and gaining experience as a technologist and a designer at architectural firms, he decided to become a Project Manager of Design and Construction for the Joey Restaurant Group. After 14 years of designing and constructing restaurants across Canada and parts of Western United States, Jackie joined PC Urban to satisfy his thirst for variety by solving the complexities of urban development.

  • Director of Project Development, Joey Restaurant Group 2001-2015
  • Senior Technologist, Omicron 1999-2001
  • Senior Technologist, Urban Design Group 1991-1999

Wade Girgulis

Senior Project Manager

Wade has always wanted to be in construction since he was young. His greatest joy is taking a project from conception to completion. He takes pride in ensuring that no detail is overlooked and his personal commitment to each unique endeavor enables him to deliver an attractive functioning building in the most cost effective method. Wade holds a BCIT Diploma of Building Technology and has 20 years of experience in commercial, institutional, residential and industrial construction.

  • Project Manager, Axiom Builders/Bosa,  2014-2016
  • Project Manager, Shape Properties, 2011-2014
  • Project Manager, Dominion Construction, 2005-2011; 1995-2000
  • Project Manager, Ledcor, 2000-2005

Micheline Meszaros


Micheline believes development is like a picture puzzle. You open the box and from the jumble of many pieces, start to lock together a whole image. PC Urban projects are like that.

The challenge of organizing, communicating and sharing the relevant tasks to interlock the pieces towards a whole, is both the work and the reward. Micheline keeps the PC Urban team running smoothly as the Administrator.

Takahito Fujiwara

Development Accountant

Takahito is an operationally minded accountant who believes accounting is more than just number crunching.  His mandate is to design processes that provide timely access to data for better decision making.

Recently Takahito has become a father of a baby boy, which is a huge milestone in his life.  His motto is “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra”.

Martin Zhu

Financial Analyst

Martin builds financial analysis models to assist in acquisitions, underwriting and project cash flow budgeting. He especially enjoys seeing deals executed, projects financed, and buildings underway.

Martin has his M.Sc. in Finance from SFU and continues working towards both his CFA and CPA designations.  He is fascinated by economics and dynamic capital market outcomes.  He believes modeling and big data are the keys to this ever more complex world.  In his spare time, Martin enjoys travel, documentary films, cooking, time with family and watching and reading about financial market movement.